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Ginger is a root which is used in natural spice blends, remedies, and medicines. Ginger from any dried split ginger supplier can be utilized to:

  • Give flavor to a dish
  • Smooth an upset stomach; or
  • Brewed up into the tea.

Dried split ginger is comfortable to store and can be kept to use in your household for weeks at a time. Irrespective of how you dry the ginger; in the sun, in the food dehydrator or your even, you can dry out ginger easily. Yes, you need to be a bit patient.

Method: Purchasing and Peeling your Ginger

We are taking the captioned method as an example step by step:

Step 1 – Take a small component out of root and test its freshness

If the ginger gets snapped quickly and you find a little amount of fibers, it means you have a fresh piece. If you find it hard to break and has plenty of threads linking it to the ginger’s root, it means:

The piece has moisture in it; and

It will be hard to get dried.

Step 2 – Smell the Split Ginger for Rich and Spicy Scent

The small will be sharp for fresh ginger and will leave a strong scent – even with the covers/skin on ginger. If you find the smell as subtle or dull, then your ginger is perhaps not fresh. Also, you might find it harder to dry or not retain boldness as flavor.

Step 3 – Use your Nail to press the skin to Ensure it is Thin

Thinner the skin of ginger, the easier it will be for you to dry it. The reason is it holds in less amount of moisture. The cover of your ginger ought to be shiny, and you should be able to mark it via your nails.

If the skin is thicker, it will be tough for you to point out and will appear to be duller.

Step 4 – Clean the Ginger by using Cold Water for getting rid of dirt on the Skin

As mentioned, ginger is a root. It means it was skinned in the dust before it dug up. Probably there may be even more dirt remaining on your ginger’s skin. However, you can rinse it under cold water for a few seconds to wipe it off.

The split ginger does not need to be ideally clean since you will be stripping the skin off.

Step 5 – Strip the Skin off with the Potato Peeler

Naturally, ginger has got tough skin. Also, it does not taste good at all. Take the help of potato peeler for cutting the skin off. The peeler will help you to have a soft and full of flavor part of ginger root. T is not mandatory to peel the ginger quite far down. You require to strip the thin layer off.

If you do not have the peeler, you can use a knife to cut the ginger’s skin carefully.

Wrap Up

Whether it’s quality dry hibiscus flower or split ginger, peeling it off in the right manner always give you the desired result.

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