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Dry Hibiscus Flower
June 28, 2019
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Raw Cashew Nut
June 28, 2019

Dried Mangoes



SHEBAG HOLDINGS LTD -BF , is a registered AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES TRADING based in Burkina Faso with headquarters in Nigeria , West Africa ,

SHEBAG HOLDINGS LTD -BF , is Govt of BURKINA FASO approved Importer/Exporter and business representative related to agro commodities trading from Burkina Faso , very active in agricultural commodities, a subsidiary of SHEBAG HOLDINGS LTD , a NIGERIA based company

Our extensive experience means not only excellent access to producers but also the knowledge to develop niche product offerings :Organic Mango ,Dried Ginger,Dried Hibiscus ,Shea butter,

  1. Fair Trade, organic, Co ops, non-GMO (Ecocert International and USDA NOP)

-Non -GMO dried mango 80-120MT 6 months


Provide quality agro products.

Provide consistent good customer service. Perform business ethically at all times.

Maximum contribution to the society and the growth of the country. Always strive to improve.

SHEBAG HOLDINGS LTD -BF is a reliable, professionally managed company – exporter of Agricultural agricultural commodities – from Burkina Faso, West Africa Division .

Our company SHEBAG HOLDINGS LTD , West Africa based Commodities, Trading working directly with specifics farmers in Countries and do have sound tracking records

Who we are ?

SHEBAG HOLDINGS LTD -BF ,is engaged in the exports of agricultural commodities from Burkina Faso of agribusiness experience of our Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Khamish brand name, West Africa

How We Work ?

BOBF, has established a well managed supply chain which focuses on procuring quality agro products from farmers and markets all around Burkina Faso . Cleaning and packaging of the products

We are constantly monitored and maintained by trained staffs, so that the products can reach high standards and maximum value can be delivered to our customers.

Why do Business with us ?

We are able to offer our products at very competitive prices in the market and at good volumes. We take extra care to ensure that the products meet the quality standards of our customers. We are very ethical and believe that long term business relationships are important for a company’s success and we are willing to execute anything in our means possible to achieve that.

We will appreciate your collaboration partnership and look forward to working with your team.


Amélie (end of march-mai): sweet sour, dark orange Lippens (mai/juin): sweet, fibry

Brooks (juin/july): sweet, orange Exports: april – september Different cuts (all by hand):

  • frites 6-9 cm
  • half frites: 3-5 cm
  • slices : 8-12 cm (diameter) (free flowing not guaranteed!)
  • 1/2 slices 4-6 cm (diameter
  • small pieces: 1×1 cm for mixes
  • border cuts: small pieces 2nd grade for industry Packaging:

Bags: 1-2 kg freeflowing

End consumer bags: 100, 125 g, 200 g to import by client Box: standard 16 kg (same box as cashew 50 lbs) Container 20′: 700 boxes


Exporter SHEBAG HOLDINGS LTD, Khamish Brand- NOP organic

organic NOP, FLO, FFL: in the name of farm

SHEBAG HOLDINGS LTD -BF owns the brand of SHEBAG – all of our packaging and marketing are under the our Brand name or buyers ‘brand ,

We will appreciate your collaboration partnership and look forward to working with your team.

We will appreciate your collaboration partnership and look forward to working with your team.

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